frequently asked questions


01. How long have you been a photographer?

I’ve been in the photography business for 11 years.

02.Where are you based? Do you travel for


I currently live in the north of Mexico, on a city called Monterrey. It’s actually a beautiful valley, surrounded by big mountains and different ecosystems around.

03. How are the wedding packages?

There are three options, the difference between each is the amount of coverage hours, it all depends on your wedding needs.

Each wedding is unique so if you have any doubts about how many hours you need, I´ll be happy to share some advice to you guys.

04. How many photographs do you deliver of


There isn’t a specific number of delivered photos, this means I like to deliver all the best I can get from that day.

05. Are there any family/group shots?

Of course! Family is everything, these photographs cannot be missed.

06. When will we get our photographs?

No more than a month after your wedding. I love to keep that emotion fresh! Sometimes it can be ready earlier than this.

07. Is there a preview before this?

Yes, I deliver a preview no more than 48 hours after the wedding.

08. Do you edit all the pictures?

All of them, I like to deliver my work complete, so this means I carefully review photo by photo to make the post production as best as possible for each moment.

09. How do we book our date?

Two steps.

First one, reach me out to check the availability of your date, I will respond as soon as I can with all the information about the packages, pricing, timing, galleries and everything you need to make your decision.

Second, once we confirm the date is available, you choose a package so I can prepare the contract and send it to you with my bank account details, then you can make the first payment and officially book the date.

10. How does payment work?

I split the payments in two, 50% and 50%

The first one is to book the date, the second one you have until 2 weeks before the wedding to transfer it.

11. What about travel expenses?

Travel expenses are all included in all packages (except a few destinations that can be more difficult to get there).

12. Do you do more than just weddings (portraits)?

Of course! I love portraiture photography, after doing approximately 300 portrait shoots along my career I can say I definitely have the confidence and experience to deliver photographs that capture the essence of the people I´m photographing.