Old Palace Wedding in the middle of Spain fields

¨We traveled from Mexico, Belgium, France, Germany and Spain to an old Palace at Hoyuelos, a little town at the province of Segovia to witness the love of two amazing humans...

Michelle & Olivier - Mexican/French Multicultural Wedding

Not very often I get to document the wedding of someone I love, Michelle has been my best friend since we were 13 years old, so 17 years of friendship are easy to say but in retrospect it is almost half of my life.
We were always looking for fun adventures, we used to go aimlessly everywhere, laughing at everything and talking about the strangest and most interesting things in this world.
We went through mountains, deserts, beaches, cities and the most incredible thing about all this is that everything happened as it had to, nothing was planned, and in my experience sometimes the things that you don't plan are the ones that turn out in the best way.

As I said, 17 years are easy to say, we have shared too many experiences that I swear we could write a book about our adventures and it would be a best seller.

To be honest when Mich introduced me to Olivier I never imagined that years later we would be celebrating their love in the middle of Spain. When I started to see how adventurous these two were together I said wow, Mich found her other half!
And she did.

These two spread love all around, so much they inspire, because despite the distance, differences in cultures, schedules, and all the obstacles that they had to go through, they managed to be together.
As they say out there, love conquers anything and here we have a clear example.

We traveled from Mexico, Belgium, France, Germany and Spain to an old Palace at Hoyuelos, a little town at the province of Segovia to witness the love of two amazing humans.

What can I say about this place, it was incredible.
They received us with a traditional Spanish paella next to the beautiful garden. After a delicious meal, we went to explore around the palace. We were in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nature, horses and one of the clearest skies I’ve seen in my life.
That first night after some aperitifs we went out to lie down and watch the stars, I remember this as one of the most beautiful star sights of my life (we even saw some shooting stars).

The next day was the wedding, one of the things I remember the most is everyone helping to decorate the place, the table, the garden for the ceremony. We spent the morning helping the couple to create this beautiful atmosphere for them.
At the getting ready we helped Michelle do her make up, hair and have ready every important detail for the bride.

The celebration began with the ceremony, after some cocktails we did the bride and groom portraits.
We previously talked about catching up the sunset colors for this photos, so we literally went up running outside to see the last light of the day.
I have to say that is one of the best places where I’ve seen the sunset, pink, orange, purple tones behind Michelle & Olivier, showing me their truest selves.

The celebration continued with a delicious traditional Spanish dinner, some emotive speeches from the best mans and bridesmaids (including mine), wine and of course we couldn’t miss tequila and mariachi sombreros at this party.

This is definitely one of the most emotive and beautiful weddings that ive got to document, and not only because Michelle is my best friend, but because of the intimacy and bond we made on that days.